How to Play Badminton: Brief Guide to Badminton Rules

How to Play Badminton

Badminton is an interesting and popular sport across Asia and it also attracts a lot of interest across Europe. The rules of the games are outlined by the Badminton World Federation and we will discuss the simplified rules of the Badminton game here. It is an old age game and it is about 2000 years … Read more

A Definitive Guide to Badminton Court Dimensions

Badminton Court Dimensions

Badminton is a fun sport that is loved by all individuals, and we should admit more than a competitive sport, it is been played as a recreational game in every nook and corner of the world. The game has simple rules, easily available equipment, and an easy playing style, which are the pivotal reasons for … Read more

Top 9 Best Adidas Padel Shoes

Best Adidas Padel Shoes

Adidas is a great brand in the field of padel and they are known for the grip and the comfort they render for the players on the court. No wonder, Adidas is considered one of the best and the most preferred brands of shoes by the game enthusiast and it equips the professional players in … Read more

Top 4 Best Wilson Padel Shoes

Best Wilson Padel Shoes

Wilson is one of the best and the leading shoe brands in Padel. The brand incorporates several leading technologies and the shoes also feature a lot of tools to innovate in the world of Padel Sport. This positions the shoes as a number one brand in the market and Wilson is indeed an experienced brand … Read more

Top 9 Best Men’s Padel Shoes of 2022

Best Men's Padel Shoes

Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in many countries and these exhilarating games guarantee quick and exciting rallies and also help in improving the reaction time along with plenty of fun for both the players and the spectators alike. Padel continues to grow and attain new players every year across the globe and is … Read more

Top 9 Best Padel Players of All Time

Best Padel Players

Padel is a famous and professional racquet sport that takes influence from both the tennis and the squash game. It is generally played in doubles and has similar rules and scoring system as that of the tennis game. The game is improving in popularity and there are several padel players in the world, who have … Read more

Top 6 Best Advanced Padel Rackets

Best Advanced Padel Rackets

If you have decided to indulge in a new sport, it is always important to start with the right gear. For advanced padel players, it is mandatory to choose an appropriate racket, maintain their competitive spirit in the game, and escalate their game action to new levels. Picking up the right padel racket helps the … Read more

Best Intermediate Padel Rackets 2022

Best Intermediate Padel Rackets

As an intermediate padel player, you should be aware that there are dozens of brands and models of padel rackets available in the market. Rackets for the intermediate player are known to render a lot of power and the rackets for these players are generally smaller and are typically a little heavier as well. These … Read more

Top 9 Best Padel Rackets in the Market

Best Padel Rackets

While starting to play the new padel game, the first important thing to do is to pick the right gear from the very beginning. This also helps in getting the best out of the Padel racket and it also helps in avoiding injuries. The best racket to play will depend on the skill level of … Read more

Top 4 Best Padel Rackets for Beginners

Padel Rackets for Beginners

If you are someone who is just starting to play padel sport, then it could be difficult to choose the best racket that complements the game action. There are many varieties of padel racket types, shapes, and colors available in the market and it becomes mandatory to choose a racket that best suits the playing … Read more