Kabaddi world cup 2020 Live TV Telecast channels, Broadcasters List

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Kabaddi recently has been becoming a very popular game, generating good revenue for the federation as well as the players, which was almost dream a few years ago, but with pro Kabaddi getting popular, we can expect this Kabaddi world cup 2020 to be a big tournament, which will take this epic sport to a new level.

Now, considering this tournament will be having a good viewership, the Kabaddi world cup Live TV Telecast channels, Broadcasters List becomes important because many of you must be inching to watch this tournament, specially the games of your country as 12 different nations are participating.


So, here in this post, we are proving the live telecast channels list, so you can watch Kabaddi world cup live streaming and TV telecast without any problem.

2016 Kabaddi world cup Live Streaming &  TV channels info (Desktop & Mobile)

As well all know Star Sports if the official broadcaster of Kabaddi World Cup 2020, so you would be able to watch all the games on Star Sports Network, wherever it is available and where star sports is not available, then you need to check the local sports channel, whom star has sold the rights to broadcast this Kabaddi world cup.

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And, if you like to watch the Live streaming online, then you just need to tune into Starsports.com and you will be able to watch all matches of the tournament in HD and Non-HD quality.

Additionally, you can watch Kabaddi world cup 2020 live streaming on Hotstar.com as well, as it is the venture of star sports network and you will be able to enjoy all the matches on Hotstar.

Note:- The info about the Broadcasting Channels of US, Australia, UK and all other regions will be added soon.

Now, let’s checkout the live TV schedule of world cup kabaddi 2020.

Kabaddi world cup 2020 Live TV Schedule

Match No Date Start Time Team Played
1 07 OCT 20:00 IND vs KOR
2 07 OCT 21:00 USA vs IRN
3 08 OCT 19:00 ENG vs BAN
4 08 OCT 20:00 POL vs KEN
5 08 OCT 21:00 IND vs AUS
6 09 OCT 19:00 KOR vs ARG
7 09 OCT 20:00 USA vs JPN
8 09 OCT 21:00 THA vs IRN
9 10 OCT 20:00 ENG vs AUS
10 10 OCT 21:00 THA vs POL
11 11 OCT 20:00 IRN vs KEN
12 11 OCT 21:00 IND vs BAN
13 12 OCT 20:00 POL vs JPN
14 12 OCT 21:00 AUS vs ARG
15 13 OCT 20:00 THA vs KEN
16 13 OCT 21:00 BAN vs KOR
17 14 OCT 20:00 ENG vs ARG
18 14 OCT 21:00 USA vs POL
19 15 OCT 19:00 KOR vs AUS
20 15 OCT 20:00 IRN vs JPN
21 15 OCT 21:00 IND vs ARG
22 16 OCT 19:00 THA vs the USA
23 16 OCT 20:00 KOR vs ENG
24 16 OCT 21:00 JPN vs KEN
25 17 OCT 20:00 POL vs IRN
26 17 OCT 21:00 AUS vs BAN
27 18 OCT 20:00 USA vs KEN
28 18 OCT 21:00 IND vs ENG
29 19 OCT 20:00 BAN vs ARG
30 19 OCT 21:00 THA vs JPN
Kabaddi World Cup Semi-Final & Final (Knockouts) Fixture 2020
Semi Final 1
21 OCT 20:00 TBD vs TBD
Semi Final 2
21 OCT 20:00 TBD vs TBD
22 OCT 20:00 TBD vs TBD
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This is the complete live telecast schedule with the TV timings and the teams playing on a particular day.

Now, you can plan, when you are going to watch the Kabaddi World cup live streaming & the live TV telecast, to support your favorite team & Players.

So, now enjoy the Kabaddi World Cup 2020 and if you have any query regarding the Live TV Telecast channels, Broadcasters List, then feel free to comment.

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